Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things Ina Says: 2 years

Ina, pointing to a mole on my face: Hey mom, what-is-that? 

Me: my mole

Ina, giggling: I like your mole

Then she kissed it.  

IMG 9195


Me: Ina, what do you want to do for your birthday?

Ina: Um…WORK!

(Later her answer for this question was, “pink!”  Sometimes I wonder if she understands me at all.)

IMG 9176


We had a baby over at our house who was crying.  Ina yelled, “Oh no, baby sad!  Baby need doctor!”  

And then she ran to get her Doc McStuffins doctor kit.

IMG 9220


Momma, read one more book.  Plllleeeeaaassseeee momma...

Every. single. night. when I turn out the lights.  

IMG 9231


Me: Ina, come here so I can change your diaper

Ina: NO!

Me: Excuse me? (stern look)

Ina: NO!

Me: (stern look)

Ina: I need to go to timeout 


Me: Ina, are you going to be mean or nice today?

Ina: MEAN!  …….. giggles…… OK, I be nice.  


Pointing to a picture of Santa, “That’s Jesus!”  

Other things Ina has said:

23 months

22 months

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