Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Power Pressure Cooker

We were super spoiled this Christmas, which is evidenced by the cardboard graveyard taking the place of my car in the garage.  Hopefully we can get all that cardboard to recycling before Ina decides that every single box cannot be thrown away.  Last night she saw a box in the pile, starting whispering, “No, no, no…” and dug it out.  She then put the toy that came in the box back in.  

I don’t think she gets it.  

Trash digging is one of the qualities I wish she hadn’t inherited from her father, but we will save that topic for another post.  

This post is for one gift in particular - The Power Pressure Cooker.  


I have to admit, when I opened the gift from my mom, I wasn’t all that excited.  I have never used a pressure cooker and didn’t really know it’s benefit, other than canning.

Then, as I was flipping channels, I noticed an infomercial for the product and thought I would check it out.  Of course, after 15 minutes I was quickly convinced that it is the only appliance I need in my kitchen and will use it for every meal.  

All kidding aside, I decided I would test a recipe I use frequently in the thing - slow cooker pasta sauce.  Typically, I use a skillet to brown the sausage and garlic, and then transfer it along with the rest of the ingredients to the slow cooker. Then, I boil water for the pasta in a separate pot on the stove.  

Last night I did all three in the pressure cooker pot.  I used the sauté function to brown the meat and garlic, then I used the slow cooker function to cook the sauce.  Last, I just threw the pasta in the sauce, added a little bit of water, and closed it up.

It came out great.  Dan even mentioned that this was the best my brown rice noodles have ever tasted, that he couldn’t tell they weren’t regular spaghetti noodles.  

This appliance might even earn a coveted counter spot that only my food processor and coffee pot can brag about.  

Do you use a pressure cooker?  What are your favorite recipes?  

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