Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Funny

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I have been pretty spoiled this week because my in-laws have been here since Tuesday afternoon and I have come home from work with dinner all but on the table every single night.  

So my nightly routine has looked something like this:

  1. Walk in door and take coat off
  2. Change into PJs 
  3. Sit on the floor and watch Ina run around me or read to her while Dan is setting the table
  4. Eat dinner
  5. Clean up after dinner (I have to help somehow)
  6. More playing/reading/singing
  7. Face plant into bed at approximately 8 PM

Ah, the good life.  My sleep clock largely relies on the sun, and when it goes down at 5, I go down at 8.  Can’t help it.  

Now it is time for a Friday Funny, because only this kind of stuff happens to me.  Some may say that it is my doing, but I think in this case it was pure fate.

Part 1: A few months back, Ina participated in a book exchange, which turned out really well.  She got a lot of fun books out of the deal.  You send one book and get 36 sent back to you.  

Part 2: As you know by my bombardment of posts, Ina’s birthday party was this weekend.  When we got home from the party, there were 4 boxes sent from Amazon, all addressed to Ina on the stoop.  Some family members said they were going to send presents in the mail, so we assumed they were all from them.  

We opened the boxes to find a necklace, two dump trucks, and a Thomas the Train book.  I suppose looking back I did hesitate for a second thinking those were slightly odd presents for a toddler girl, but not unheard of, as she does love to play with her cars.

Part 3: On Tuesday (4 days after we opened the presents) I get a message from one of the people at the book exchange telling me that Amazon saved our address when she shipped us the book, and she sent us her Amazon order.  She didn’t say what was in the order, so I messaged her back saying that I would send it on when it came in the mail.

Last night (Thursday) I was watching Ina play with her dump truck and it hit me.  (Sometimes I am so, so slow.)  I started moaning “Nooooo…” and slowly collecting all of the stuff.

We already took everything out of its box.  

We already took the boxes to recycling.  

We already read the book dumped the dump truck.  (Thank God is wasn’t nice outside or that thing would be covered in mud).

We lost the necklace.  

What do we do?  

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