Friday, December 12, 2014

A Night Alone

Good morning and Happy Friday!  

Any big plans this weekend?  We have a Christmas party tonight, a Christmas pageant tomorrow, and dinner with friends on Sunday.  I am also planning on wrapping presents and kissing Ina approximately 100 times.  

Last night when I was driving home from work, Dan called to tell me that he and Ina were with family and weren’t going to be home until 8:30.   How exciting!, I thought, a night alone!

However, when I walked in the door to an empty house this extremely strange feeling came over me.  What do I do?  

What did I do before Ina was born and Dan had to work late?  I can’t remember.  I almost felt like I was in a stranger’s quiet house as I walked around.  Then I saw the pile of cranberries and sunflower seeds that Ina had spilled right before we left in the morning, and knew I was home.  

So, I worked for an hour, put away laundry, did the dishes, and then did some yoga.  All of those tasks, especially he yoga video, are much more relaxing when there isn’t a tiny human hanging off of you.

Next, I made dinner for one (I won’t admit what it was, but it rhymes with silk bake) and plopped down to watch mindless TV that didn’t involve fishing, cars, home restoration, or Mickey Mouse. 

As I was showering and feeling pretty purpose-less, Dan and Ina came home and within seconds all was right with the world.  Ina climbed in the shower with her clothes, shoes, and coat on.  Dan was sick and needed me to get him some water and a blanket.  Ina NEEDED 10 books read to her.

I went to bed suddenly exhausted, but feeling much better.  

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