Monday, December 22, 2014

A Good Day (without a nap)


Are you ready for Christmas week?  My week has already started out interesting - I chased my dog outside barefoot and came inside to spill an entire cup of coffee all over me.  At least it warmed me up?  

I think the week can only go up from here. 

Yesterday was such a great day to see so many people I love. Like any good day, it started out with a little run.

IMG 9615

Then Dan and I went to church (you can listen to the Christmas sermon here).  After church I met my in-laws to pick up Ina and we drove straight to my grandma’s house to welcome my family from Texas into town.  

After a few short hours we left there to go pick up Dan and head to my friend Sarah’s parent’s house for a little Christmas get together.  Sarah is in town from North Carolina and it was great to see her and some of my other high school friends (and their kids!) again.  

IMG 9636

Ina was in heaven at their house because Sarah’s mom has a lot of books and even more M&M’s.  

When she figured out how to belly up to the dessert bar, it was over.

IMG 9618

Although she didn’t really have a nap yesterday, for some reason she didn’t want to go to sleep when we got home.  I was just telling my friends that naps are essential to having a good day, but Ina proved me wrong yesterday.  That is, until we got home and tried to go to bed and the Wh-INA-saur came out.  

I hope you have a fantastic week!

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