Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Timeline of an Argentine Wedding


I’m home!  After a 36 hour whirlwind of travel with 1 hour of sleep, I wanted to kiss the floor of my house when I walked inside.  However, I saved most of my kisses for Dan and Ina.  It feels so good to be back in the arms of my little family again.  I sure missed them.

The reason I made the trip to Argentina was to attend my friends Noelia and Sebastian’s wedding, and let me tell you, this event was worth the trip.  

IMG 9424

This wedding was so different from the typical American wedding, so I am going to break it down for you timeline style.

- The night before: instead of a rehearsal dinner, Noelia and Sebastian invited the out of town guests to an asado, which would be similar to a backyard BBQ, but taken to the next level.  

IMG 9346

Look at all of that meat!  I couldn’t begin to correctly explain how the meat was cooked, but I do know it is different than how we grill meat, which was proved by the absolutely amazing taste.  I told Dan I am sending him down to Argentina for training.  

IMG 9349

-7:30: when the invitation told us to arrive.  Apparently this was pretty early for an Argentine wedding, and they typically start at 9 or 10 PM!  The wedding was at a sport’s club that was beautifully decorated.  

IMG 9359

The theme was the 1920’s and everything was decorated so cute.

IMG 9360

We walked around, took pictures, had some drinks, and chatted with the wedding guests.  I really enjoyed getting to know all of their friends and family over the past week.  

8:30: the ceremony started with Noelia and her dad driving up in an old car (so cool!) and then him walking her down the aisle.  

IMG 9381

The ceremony was short (less than 15 minutes) and completely in Spanish, but from what I could tell, seemed similar to what we do in the US - exchanging of rings, kissing the bride, etc.


8:50: tables of appetizers were brought outside and waiters also served us little bites to eat

IMG 9392

(selfie with a stray dog that was hanging around the food)

9:30: we slowly made our way inside and sat at our tables, which were labelled by location.  I would like to point out that I am almost always asleep by 9:30.  

10806379 10154818093850464 4494640953829267380 n

10:15: the family waltz, which starts with the bride and groom, and then the bridge/father and groom/mother, and then other close family members and friends.

IMG 9393

10:40: the first dance session when everyone dances

IMG 9401

11:10: dinner is served

IMG 9410

11:30 more dancing

12:45: dessert #1 served at the tables

IMG 9413

1:05: the bride and groom gave a speech / toasts

IMG 9416

1:20: more dancing

IMG 9422

2:15: second dessert, which may be one of the most beautiful things i have seen in my life.  Tables and tables and tables of treats.  Picking just one was a very hard decision. 

IMG 9427

3: cotillion - which from what I could understand meant dancing with costumes

1513792 979257338757318 6892326194178802045 n

3:30 - I have to sit at the table, my American body doesn’t know how to dance for this long

IMG 9437

3:50: pizza is served to us at our tables

IMG 9438

4:15: I threw in the towel and got a taxi back to our hotel, but would like to point out that the celebration was still going strong when I left with babies and elderly still dancing.  

My goal was to make it to 3 am, so I was super proud of myself.  Ha!  

What a night / morning.  I am so glad that I was able to go on this little adventure.  Happy day before Thanksgiving!

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  1. I had to take a nap just to make it through your description! LOL! Sounded like such a blast.


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