Monday, November 17, 2014

My New Jam

I have been wanting to try Jamberry nails for some time now -  I even put them on my wish list a few months ago.  So, when reader Krista emailed me asking if she could send me some in exchange for a review, I couldn’t send “yes” back fast enough.

If you haven't heard of Jamberry before, they are basically fancy nail stickers that come in all sorts of designs that are made to last a few weeks.  I had a very tough time choosing just one design, and finally settled on midnight celebration because it seemed mostly classy with a little bit of flair.  

Krista shipped me a little kit to get my started and I had the box for almost a week before I opened it, knowing I would need to set aside at least an hour for my first application.  Finally, when Dan took Ina on a car ride, I jumped upstairs and set up shop:

IMG 9074

I used:

  • nail polish remover/cotton balls to remove any old stuff
  • a cuticle pusher
  • nails scissors to cut the excess wrap (necessary)
  • alcohol wipes to clean my nails
  • a hair dryer to heat the wraps (necessary)
  • my jam berry wraps (necessary)
  • a candle - because I was at the “spa”

I watched the application video twice all the way through and then got to work.  It was hard at first and the first few fingers took by far the longest, but once I got the hang of it the last few went really smoothly.  The whole process took about an hour, but next time I think would be less than 30 minutes. 

IMG 9078

About half way through I realized that I was making things way more complicated than they needed to be by putting the “sprinkle” on the top, when it was meant to go on the bottom.

Even video directions aren’t Racheal-proof,

I also put two on my big toes, and painted the rest of my toes black with plain black nail polish.  I am going to spare you a picture of my feet, but for feet they look pretty good.  

My thoughts two and a half weeks later:


  • All of the wraps remain on my fingers and toes - not even one is loose. 
  • Every time I looked at my hands I thought they were very pretty
  • My nails have grown over the last two weeks and they feel slightly stronger
  • I received LOTS of compliments on my nails
  • These wraps are about $15 a sheet, and each sheet provides 2 to 3 manicures, which seems much more economical than getting a manicure and they last just as long if not longer.

(very minor) Cons

  • Up close they do not look exactly like painted nails, you can tell they are a sticker.  This may vary based on wrap type, and not that many people are looking at my nails up close.  I stopped notching this about a day after they were on my finger.
  • About a week in, the top started to wear a little thing, but this could be due to my incorrect application.  

To wrap it up (see what I did there?) I love these and I plan to  put in an order  Krista for more soon- specifically something Christmas, like Poinsettia or Tinsel Town.  If you want to do the same, her website is here.

Thanks Krista for giving me the opportunity to try these!


  1. If I could grow fingernails, I would be all over this. They look very clean!

  2. I'm go glad you liked them! It definitely takes longer than normal to apply the first few times but now I'm a pro and it takes me about 15 minutes or less!

    Suzanne, my nails are very short and I wear them! They are for long or short nails! If you go to my FB page you can see pictures of my nails and you can see how short they are!


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