Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Good morning!  

Last night I was up late(isn) watching the Royals game and then taking a 10:30 PM trip to the police station because the strong wind blew our back gate open and our dogs took the opportunity to leave our yard during small group.   

Hashtag story of my life.

While I was frustratingly (is that a word?) driving to pick them up, I tried to picture my run that morning.

It was a beautiful morning.  I started before the sun came up, but it wasn’t completely dark.  I ran to my favorite lake trail and when I turned the corner to go back in the woods I came upon a momma doe and her three baby fawns. 

IMG 8788

They scared me, but I also scared them enough to make them jump/run a few yards away before freezing still to see what I was up to.   I stopped running for a few minutes and just watched them.  They also stayed completely still and watched me.  

It was peaceful, almost like looking at a painting.  

I will try to remember that “mental painting” when I get stressed, which of course rarely happens.  Ha!

I am out, lots to do before we head to the Royals game this afternoon!

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