Monday, October 13, 2014

My Best Requires Rest

Good morning!  Happy Monday!

As I have mentioned before, our church is participating in a campaign focused on transforming 7 areas of our lives.  The week’s topic was about transforming our physical lives, so, I have to admit, I walked into church thinking I had this topic figured out.  Then, like most Sundays, I sat there feeling like our pastor was talking directly to me.  Hmph. 

The sermon was about taking care of our body physically by decreasing stress and transforming from “stressed” to “blessed.”  There were 7 tips about how to do so, but the one that I needed to hear the most was to obey God’s instructions about rest.  

Six days are set aside for work, but every seventh day you must rest completely, even during your seasons of plowing and harvest, you must observe a Sabbath day of rest.  Exodus 34:21 (NIV)

As our pastor was reading this verse, Dan was smirking at me, because he knew that driving to church I had started my checklist of what I needed to get done after church.  The smirk grew even larger when our pastor said that taking a Sunday nap was good for us.  

As it turns out, I really have no idea “how" to rest for long periods of time.  I do always take one day off a week from exercise and I also make sleep a priority in my life.  Additionally, I spend every single vacation day I have on vacation.  However, sitting down while knowing that something needs to be done makes me uncomfortable, and because we have a very hectic week-day life, many, many things are put off until the weekend.  

But yesterday I gave rest a shot.  Here were the three things that our pastor said should be done on our day of rest.

1. Rest your body.

Yesterday I spent a crazy amount of time on the couch.  Every time I tried to get up, Dan would say, “Racheal, sit back down.”  It was only slightly painful.

IMG 8765

2. Refocus your spirit  

Our church worship was awesome this week, and I sang this song over and over again the rest of the day.  Dan and I also read more out of our Transformed book.  

3. Recharge your emotions

Yesterday morning I went on a  3 mile run, which I will argue, was restful and did recharge my emotions.  I didn’t push my pace or distance, I just leisurely jogged with the sun coming up.

IMG 8761

Dan and I also took the time to cook dinner together, which was so fun and laid back.  

IMG 8767

The Pad Thai was also one of the best meals we have made in a long time.  

I also must admit that we did some laundry, but only because we needed all of our Royals stuff to be clean!  

Now if I could just teach Ina how to rest, I think I am good to go.


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Have a good week!  

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