Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Don't Always...

I don’t always make last minute decisions to spend a significant amount of money on World Series tickets, but when I do, it is a good idea.

IMG 9033

[Ina, you better start studying now for scholarships, because your college fund is dwindling.]

I don’t always talk to my dad on the phone during my run, but when our team is playing in the World Series, pitching strategies need to be discussed for at least 1.5 miles  

I don’t always wear a hat, but when I do do it is because Dan shoves it on my head minutes before we take a picture. 

IMG 9036

I don’t always text my mom during the game, but when I do it is brief.  

IMG 9040

I don’t always wear exercise pants to the game, but when the guy behind me calls me out for it, I run up the rest of the stairs just to prove their benefits.  

IMG 9039

I don’t always go to Royals postseason baseball games, but when I do those boys in blue win.  By a lot.  Proof here, here, and here.  

World Series Game 7, here we come!  Have a great day!

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