Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Almost Slept Through It + WIAW

Last night my Royals won the ALDS Wildcard game and I almost slept through it.

Our small group had been over and everyone had left.  We finished the 7th inning down 7 to 3, and I was super tired.  Feeling sad and defeated, I said goodbye to my mom and went to bed.  A few minutes later my mom called on her way home to tell us that we had scored two runs and had two runners on base with one out in the 8th.  

I jumped out of my bed and watched the most emotional game of my life (with no pants on).  And then this...

I was so pumped it was almost impossible for me to go to sleep. 

And for those of you who don’t care about baseball, or about the Royals, I thought I would share yesterday’s eats with you.  It has been awhile.


 I started out the day with half and half and coffee and a 4 mile run with Ina.

IMG 8558

She absolutely loves to go by the school buses and will talk about them the entire run.

Breakfast was 3 eggs atop a bed of sautéed spinach, mushroom, pepper, and onion.  And hot sauce. 

IMG 8560

Snack: apple

Lunch: leftover roast turkey breast and bacon brussel sprouts

IMG 8561

I was full and didn’t eat the beets.

Early dinner: Picadillo with raisins and brown rice.  I added the raisins for the first time and loved it.  So, so good.

IMG 8563

Game-time small group snack: tortilla chips and guac

IMG 8564

Dessert: a lovely woman in our small group made this gluten free (and refined sugar free) apple crisp.  I am putting it on repeat. 

IMG 8565

Have a good Wednesday!  Did you stay up for the game?  Are you also emotionally drained?


  1. Hi Racheal!
    I have never left a comment before but have followed you for a couple years now (at least!)
    We have never met but I thought of you last night as I watched the Royals play! I am excited for you that they won!! haha

    Love your blog!
    you inspire me :)

    have a great day!!
    Shelly M

  2. Hi Shelly! Ha, I am glad that when you associate me with those boys! Thank you so much for reading! <3

  3. I tease my husband that it's "that time of night" when he watches his Tiger play without pants on! You made me laugh at that one.

  4. Carrie - sometimes there is no time for pants. Ha!

  5. that apple crisp looks delicious! Yum


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