Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Funny

How about a Friday laugh? 

Remember that triathlon that turned into a duathlon that I did a few weeks ago?   What I didn’t tell you was that I really pushed myself during the run, so much so that I thought I was going to hurl at the finish line.  I looked up the race photos to find this beauty:


I was so thankful that the camera guy was able to capture that sweaty/nauseous/smiling moment.

Even better?  The ONE girl who passed me during the run still had so much energy that she could pose for a picture with her boyfriend.  

I don’t even think she is sweating.  

Next year my goal is to feel like kissing someone at the finish line.  Spectators beware.  

Even funnier is that we had to skip the awards ceremony because we were short on time, and I thought I got third in my division.  Well, it turns out I placed FIRST!  

IMG 8752

They sent me my “trophy” in the mail.  When Dan saw that the trophy said first place he was so excited and spent 20 minutes trying to find the best place in the house to display it so that everyone would see it.  Ha!  

Other funnies:

- Ina looking like a farmer.

IMG 8741

She really likes hats and will actually wear them.  Headbands, on the other hand, have been off limits.

- We went out to eat last night and Ina saw this sign on the wall.  She kept on pointing to it and saying, “Ina’s pig!"

IMG 8748

She really would like a pet pig.  Anyone want to trade a beagle for a pig.  


Kind of.

Have a great weekend.  


  1. That is funny! But seriously - you rocked it! Congrats!

  2. Ha!...priceless!!
    Congrats on the 1st place!! :D


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