Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites

Good morning and Happy Friday!  This weekend is looking awesome with a pumpkin run tomorrow morning and a very important baseball game Sunday night.  

Here’s some favorites from the week

-10 Ways to Stay Active as a Working Mom - My guest post on Carrots N’ Cake.  Check it out! 

-The Royals winning last night.  In extra innings  Again.  At this rate I am never going to catch up on sleep.  

-If my child marries yours - such a beautiful read. I wonder/think about the person Ina will marry often, which is obviously a waste of time when I could pray about /for him AND his parents.

"I'm praying that you will hug your boy tight when he's sad or lonely or scared. Because someday, my girl - all grown beautiful with babies of her own - will be sad or lonely or scared. And he'll need to know how to hold her. Teach him."

-Ina spelling her name.  

Sometimes she actually says, “I-N-A,” which is awesome, but I kind of like it better when she says, “I-N-Ina.”  

- HIIT treadmill runs.  I did one over lunch Wednesday and Thursday - guaranteed to create a sweaty mess in minimal time


 Conversation with a co-worker who was in the gym and saw me sprinting:

Her: “Wow, that was intense, what are you training for?"

Me: “Nothing right now, taking some time off."

Her: “So, you do sprints, just because..?"

Me: “Yep it is an efficient workout."

Her: blank stare

Sour apple chia seed pudding - happening this weekend.  

Have a great weekend! <3


  1. I've been following Tina at CarrotsN'Cake for several months and saw your post yesterday! So exciting to find not only another scientist, but a Christian and a runner promoting healthy body image and clean eating. Looking forward to reading more posts!

  2. Fiona - welcome! So happy to hear we are similar - maybe you can give me some pointers here and there. :)


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