Friday, October 17, 2014

A Weekend Away

This weekend marks a first for our family.  

IMG 8830

I am going on a little weekend trip with my girlfriends and leaving Ina at home.  With Dan.  Alone.  

Will someone please volunteer to go over to our house and take pictures of Ina’s outfits?  I feel like this milestone needs to be documented.  

I know everything will be fine, but I keep on starting to pack a bag for Ina, or prep a meal for Dan, then half-way through tell myself, “Racheal, they’ve got this.” Then I leave the task halfway done, which probably sets them up to fail.  Sorry guys.  

Until packing for this trip, I hadn’t realized that Dan and Ina have never spent more than a few hours together by themselves.  So, although this trip has been a long time coming for me, it also will be a special weekend for them.  

I can’t wait to hear the stories.  

I will see you on Sunday with my food and fitness plan for the short week and then hopefully Monday or Tuesday with a cruise recap.

Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

  1. You are going to have a blast! A good time will be had by all :)


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