Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Cheers to Thankful Thursday!

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I am thankful that Ina kept her tea in her cup (most of the time), but when she didn’t, Granny was right there to wipe up the mess.  So we are also (forever and always) thankful for Granny.

I am thankful for flavored coffee - I am drinking the cinnamon hazelnut that my cousin gave me for my birthday right now.  Another cousin gave me some agave from her pantry, which I used to sweeten my coffee.  I have some pretty cool cousins.

I am thankful for the soundtrack to Frozen.  Not only does it keep Ina entertained through every single trip in the car lasting longer than 20 minutes and during every single stroller run, the songs have given us another way to bond.  We both sing as loud as we can to the words (that we know), laughing at ourselves and each other.  When we are watching the movie at home, we dance and twirl.  Poor girl, I think she inherited her momma’s dancing and singing skills.  Hopefully she will be good at math.

IMG 8276

I am thankful that my mom, Dan, and Ina woke up super early, drove super far, and waited super long to watch me race on Saturday.  Believe it or not, this was the first time than anyone that I know has watched me race.  Crazy, huh?  

It was beyond cool to have them cheering for me on the sidelines and hearing/seeing them put a little extra pep in my step.  

I am thankful for my church and the amazing support I have received from this post.  

I am thankful for Amazon Prime and 2 day free shipping, I am thankful for Ina kisses (especially when she grabs the back of my head to pull me closer), I am thankful for Dan getting up early to go to work, I am thankful for Jesus and the amazing grace I receive daily, I am thankful for my kitchen and the food in it, I am thankful for my car and its reliability, I am thankful that we found the hole our dogs have been escaping through.

Whew, let’s just say I am thankful for life - every single thing about it.

What are you thankful for?

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