Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday


Good morning!  The thankfulness is just pouring out of me today, so let’s get to it. 

Thank you God for getting us home from North Carolina safely.  We had a great trip, but we sure missed Ina and mostly just talked about her and the words she says the entire way home.  I hope I never forget for the rest of my life the squeal of joy that Ina yelled when she saw me walk in the door, or the way she ran to me and jumped in my arms, or, most importantly, the way she nuzzled my neck and looked at me with so much love I thought I might explode.

Thank you God for Fantasy Football.  

IMG 7967

I convinced my family to start a leauge this year, and I think we will either have a lot of fun or never talk to each other again.  (<—sarcasm)  My dad came over to our house to participate in the online draft and Ina didn’t mind helping him out.  

Thank you God for giving me this healthy body that I can use for so many things - running, biking, swimming, lunging, squatting, jumping, 

IMG 7981

and pretending to be a horse, which actually require a pretty strong core.  

IMG 7982

Also thank you for giving me the persistence to swim yesterday, even though I forgot a hair-tie, and even after I found a hair tie, when I then forgot my towel, and even when there was a swim-meet that forced me to walk/swim against the lazy river for 20 minutes  (<— surprisingly difficult), I still waited until the last race, and then I swam.

IMG 7988

And then I was forced to dry off in the dry sauna.  Darn.

Thank you God for my mom who watched Ina (and my escape artist dogs) all weekend.  Thank you for Kim who helped me out in the dog-escape situation in more ways than a friend should have to.  

Thank you God for this video.  

Thank you God for the sometimes little and sometimes big things you do to remind me of your presence, power, and beauty.  

IMG 7986

What are you thankful for?

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