Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh My Thai

Good morning!  I hope you have had a great beginning to your week!

Thai is probably my favorite food.  Or maybe Indian, or maybe they are tied.  Either way, I like Thai food.  

I remember the first time I had green curry chicken.  I was 25 years old living in North Carolina and one of my friends ordered Thai take out.  I looked in the bag and thought that soup was an odd late night snack.  I hesitated when she made me a bowl, but after one bite I wanted to chug the entire carton.   The flavor!  The creaminess!  

Last night’s dinner [slow cooker coconut curry chicken] might not have been as good as that first taste, but it did the trick.  

IMG 8257

Like me, Ina wanted to slurp up every drop.

She took bite after bite of the “soup” with rice, however, she refused to let any chicken, peppers, or carrots make their way into her mouth.  Hashtag toddler problems.

I also solved our “family spice dilemma," which is as follows: I like food spicy, Dan likes food burn-your-face-off spicy, and Ina looks at a pepper, turns her nose up, and says, “spicy.”  

IMG 8258

Yesterday I pickled some Thai chilies from our garden, which is exactly what most Thai restaurants give you in the relish tray on your table to spice up your food.  The jar of peppers will stay good in our fridge for 2 months.  Bam - Thai spiciness to order.  

My garden has plenty more Thai chills where those came from, so if you want some let me know and I will send them your way.  

Other things: 

- I have been enjoying the change in the workout plan.  Ina and I ran 2 miles yesterday and then I did this leg burner which made me want to cry.

- I braided Ina’s hair.  I told her I was going to give her “Elsa hair” a few times and then she looked at me and said, “No Momma!  Ina hair!”

IMG 8246

‘Atta girl, Ina.  

- I didn’t wait until October 15th to put out my fall decor.

IMG 8255

Ina keeps biting chunks off the gourd when I’m not looking

- This

IMG 8253

Have a good day!  

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