Tuesday, September 2, 2014

North Carolina 2014, Part 1

What a weekend!  I had such a great time visiting my North Carolina friends.  It has been two years since I have seen them, which is pretty much unacceptable.  If you don’t remember - I lived in NC by myself for a year while Dan stayed in KC, so they were my family.  
The last time we saw them was for a wedding, and we came back two years later for Chris and Meredith's wedding - thank God for love!

We started out the trip with two plane rides.  Dan and I enjoyed each other's company while we watched Divergent and took selfies.  

(Dan was wearing that hat on the flight home and someone thought he used to pitch for the Royals!)
Our friends Noelia and Sebastian picked us up from the airport late Friday night and we crashed pretty much as soon as we walked in the door.  

(Picture taken at the wedding, but I wanted you to see our lovely hosts!)

Saturday morning Noelia took me on a walk to show me around downtown Durham, we picked up breakfast from Loaf, and then we got ready for the bridal lunch, which was at The Carolina Inn on UNC’s campus in Chapel Hill.   

The lunch delicious and beautiful.

I was so excited to see Meredith!  

I also loved having the chance to chat with some of her friends and family I hadn't met before.  Knowing them made dancing at the wedding even more fun!

After the lunch we went to a wine tasting in the wine shop under Sebastian and Noelia's apartment (how dangerous is that?) and rested up for the rehearsal dinner, which was at City Kitchen.  

The food was amazing and there was more meeting and talking with Meredith and Chris's friends and family.  

Sunday morning I woke up and went for a run around downtown Durham towards Duke campus- so beautiful!  

Then Noelia and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for lunch.   Noelia and Sebastain are from Argentina and they cooked us an Argentinan feast!  

We started with heavy appetizers while Sebastian was grilling.  

I thought it was so cool that he put the peppers and onions in the coals!   

Next was a sandwich which was kind of like the Argentinean version of a hotdog, and then the main course:

Grilled chicken thoughts (with an amazing chimichurri sauce),  blood sausage, and a salad made from the charred veggies.  One of the best meals I have had in a long time!

Afterwards I was very thankful I chose a loose dress to wear to the wedding that night.  Ha!
I think that is enough rambling for one day and I will share pictures of the actual wedding tomorrow.

Have a good start to your short week!

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