Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jogging Stroller Workout

I love running with my jogging stroller.  I also love doing interval training, such as HIIT or T25.

So why oh why did it take me 21 months to think to put them together?  To be honest, it likely would have taken longer, but I was lucky enough to see Tina’s workout, which I modified a little below.

I know I say this often, but this might be my new favorite way to exercise, because it involves Ina.   Instead of her being in front of me the entire time I am running, or me doing lunges without her, I stop every 2.5 minutes, park the stroller, and she watches me plank, or helps me count my way through 25 push-ups.  

IMG 8072

Every time I finished a set, she would yell, “Yay Mommy!” or “all done Mommy!”  It was awesome.   I made sure to bring a few toys and snacks with us, and she only asked to get out once and seemed to understand me when I said that she had to stay in for a little while longer.  

Also, it is a total body workout, which proved true this morning when rolling out of bed was pretty difficult due to my sore muscles.  

Expect repeats and variations soon.  

Also of interest:

-We drove home from vacation yesterday.  Saying good-bye was hard.

IMG 8070

I passed a gas station and one of my passengers needed to use the restroom, so I pushed the pedal to the metal and earned a nice big speeding ticket.  I am pretty sure I traumatized the other children in the car, because this was their first experience with a police officer.  Their parents don’t speed. Hmph.

- I added vegetables back to my life again.  Lunch was a kale, broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprout mix from TJ’s sautéed with chicken sausage and butter beans

IMG 8071

and dinner was turkey meatloaf with roasted green beans and steamed carrots (with a little bit of butter and honey on top).  

IMG 8074

- I “cleaned up” a no-bake cookie recipe, which is a good idea in theory, but I didn’t expect them to taste so good.  I considered it a victory that I only ate one, instead of the four a day I have been eating while on vacation.  If I make them again I will take pictures and share the recipe.  

- Ina has started taking selfies.  

IMG 8076

She is getting pretty good.

Have a good day!  


  1. Oh Racheal Please share the no bake cookie recipe with us. Your lunch looked awesome.

  2. Love the stroller workout!!


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