Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Day of Fall + The Library

Maybe it was all in my head, but when I stepped outside yesterday morning, there was an extra fall-like crispness in the air.  

IMG 8396

The first day of fall made for a beautiful run.  As I was putting the stroller up, I kept on wishing I had a job where I worked outside instead of in front of a computer (this will drastically change in a month or two).  

Danielle took advantage of the nice weather and took the kids to the park.

IMG 8411

She sent me some lovely pictures, which made me want to close-up shop even more. 

Although we would have loved to play outside, Ina and I had some errands to run after work.  First, we went grocery shopping, where Ina had a mini-breakdown about not being able to open the pretzels.  

IMG 8402

I told her we were going to the library next, so she stopped screaming about pretzels and started squealing about the library, which gave all the other Aldi patrons a good laugh. 

Things Ina and I [tried to] learn at the library:

IMG 8404

  • How to return our [almost late] books in the drop box
  • We are not supposed to scream, “Library Books!” as soon as we get in the door.  We also are not supposed to scream period.  Whispers are good, but so, so hard.
  • We need to share.  When another girl comes and tries to play with a puzzle that we dumped and forgot, or tries to touch a letter off the Chica Chica Boom Boom tree that we threw on the ground, we don’t scream, “No!  Mine!”  Instead, we say, “Hi, My name is Ina, do you want to share?”  This was a hard one.  
  • We are not supposed to pull every book off the shelf, however we can check out up to 50 books at one time!  Fifty books!  Can you imagine?
  • We have to hand over our newly acquired books to the librarian for just a few moments, so she can check them out.  She will give them back.  Promise.

IMG 8406

Hopefully the next trip will be a little less rocky.  

There are so many children’s books, but not all are that great.  What were / are your favorites? Are there any that you would recommend?  

Have a good day!

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