Monday, September 22, 2014

Dan's Art + Other Weekend Happenings

This weekend Dan and I went to the plaza art fair not once, but twice.  Art + good food + good friends?  I am surprised we weren’t there the entire time.  

Friday night we met up with Julie and her husband Mike.  

IMG 8391

We looked at some art, but I had the bright idea of trying to buy food in the fair food crazy lines, which landed us at Gram and Dun at 10 PM completely ravenous.  This ended up being a good thing because Gram and Dun makes wonderful food and we had the chance to sit and chat with our friends.  

Saturday we met my friends from high school because Sarah was in town from North Carolina.


[Photo cred]

Apparently, I was too busy chatting with the girls as we moved from booth to booth, because I failed to notice that Dan had purchased a piece of art.  The front was wrapped, but when I saw that the description on the back said, “Hogfather” I knew I was in for a treat.

He ceremoniously unwrapped it to reveal this:

IMG 8390

Yep - that is a hog’s head on a human body holding a chunk of bloody meat.  I think I will hang it in our entryway.  It will especially welcome any guests to the house who are hungry for dinner.  Ina can say goodnight to Mr. Hog/creepy man every night before bed.  

Don’t worry, I didn’t walk away empty handed.  I purchased a case for my phone from Red Dirt.  The purchase of the case provided a YEAR’s worth of clean water to a family in Africa.  

I clearly won.

Other weekend happenings:

- Saturday we weeded my garden and harvested some more kale, which makes my $1.50 investment in a kale plant completely worth the at least $75 worth of kale I have picked from it.

IMG 8354

In case you were wondering, hovering over a kale plant while trying to pull weeds with a toddler on your back in an excellent workout.

-Sunday Ina and I went for a little jog before church, which she ended up sleeping through.  

IMG 8369

-After church we met our friends at the Royals game where we cheered the Royals on to a W!

IMG 8379

Ina was in hot dog / Dorito heaven.

IMG 8381

-After the game we went to a family BBQ to help celebrate Papa Dan’s birthday.  (Thanks Debbie for the pic!)

10646824 10152667572130822 9076940855609452402 n

We crashed as soon our as heads hit the pillows.

I hope you had a good weekend too!

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