Friday, September 26, 2014

A Revolving Front Door

Happy Friday morning!  Doesn’t coffee just taste better on Fridays?

Yesterday was a funny kind of day.  After I got home from work, my front door opened to a number of visitors.

-Dan’s mom, step-dad, aunt, and grandma were here to watch Ina for the day.  Yes, it does take 4 adults.  

-My sister, nephew, and niece stopped by on their way home from the nearby pumpkin patch

-Papa Dan dropped in to give Ina a (too-cute) Halloween outfit from Grandma Frankie

-My dad didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see 3 grandkids

-My friend Sarah came to say goodbye before she heads back to North Carolina.  Sad.

-My friend/neighbor Kim walked over to give us some homemade relish.

Eleven guests in a few hours!  It was kind of like we had a party that we didn’t plan.  I decided I prefer that kind of party, it requires much less cleaning.  

Apparently all of those visitors wore us out, because we were in bed by 8.  Hashtag cool parents.  

Yesterday, I also continued the fall theme over here with a beautiful morning run with Kim.

IMG 8430

It has been some time since I have seen 6 miles and it felt soooo good.  

After the run, I had about 30 minutes to shower, get ready, and make breakfast, so I did the most logical thing and made my girl Leila’s protein pumpkin pancakes.  

IMG 8433

I love protein pancakes not only for breakfast, but also as a convenient, portable, healthy, and filling afternoon snack.  Adding pumpkin to them pretty much completed me.  

So, who’s coming over tonight?  Wait, don’t tell me, so I don’t have to clean.  

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