Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I have never had much upper body strength.  In elementary school I was the kid that hung at the bottom of the climbing rope in gym class, praying that I wouldn’t fall off.  

The fact that I couldn’t do a push-up or a pull up never really bothered me.  I mean, I don’t need my arms to run, right?  However, my time during T25 made me realize that if I tried hard enough, for long enough, I could gain these skills.  I started seeing some (and by some I mean very little) definition in my arms and shoulders.  This made me feel strong and want more.  

Since then I have been trying to work on arms at least one day a week, like yesterday when I did my normal Monday arm workout with sprints.  The workout I do has 3 45 second intervals of pushups and I could tell yesterday that I am already losing the ab + arm strength I had developed to do pushups, because by 30ish second my entire body was trembling.

IMG 7625

So, today I decided to download a pushup app.  I am going to do some every night before bed.  Maybe Dan and Ina will join me?

IMG 7630

Ina can pretty much do a push up and handstand combo all at once.  Ha!

Also - make this stuffed pepper casserole now - you won’t regret it.  

IMG 7633

Have a good day!  

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  1. If you van do multiple push-ups you are better than I am


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