Friday, August 8, 2014

My Wish List

Welcome to my most selfish post of the year! 

I am usually not a “things” person - I would much rather spend my money on good food or a vacation.  However, lately there have been a few things that have caught my eye.  

I created this list mostly so I don’t spend the next Amazon gift card I receive on diapers or my birthday money on groceries.

My Wish List


From left to right - first row:

  • Cheesecloth- my favorite iced coffee recipe says to use a cheesecloth.  I usually just use a coffee filter, but I always wonder if I could be squeezing more liquid gold out of those coffee grounds with a cheesecloth.  
  • KC Heart Shirt- I want this shirt.  Bad. When we went to Kansas City's big picnic a few weeks ago I saw about 10 people wearing one and it has been on my wish list since.  
  • Stroller cup holder-my beloved BOB has one fault - he doesn’t hold my cups.  This is normally fine when I run, however, when we go on walks I wish I had something to put my drink in.  Pushing a stroller with one hand is surprisingly difficult.  

Second row:

  • Tri-suit- I am pretty sure I am doing a triathlon in a month (on my 30th birthday to be exact), and thought it would be fun to have a pretty suit.  
  • Dry Shampoo- I have never used the stuff before, but I have been exercising over lunch often and think it would be useful.  Any experience using it?  Any brand to recommend?
  • Jamberry Nails- have you seen these yet? They are pretty much a heat activated sticker for your nails that stays on for about 2 weeks, which would be preferred over the chipped mess my nails usually are.
  • Joshua 24:15 sign I really wanted this one, but apparently the artist doesn’t make it anymore.  No worries, I have an email in to her begging to reconsider, or I can DIY my own.
Third row:
  • Garmin Vivofit with heart rate monitor- I have wanted an activity tracker for a long time and recently also started wanting a heart rate monitor.  This is the perfect combo.  And it is purple.  
  • Fossil Sydney Cross Body Organizer- Fall is going to be a busy travel time for me and I would like a smallish purse to hold the bare minimum in.  If I use a larger purse, I tend to lose things while traveling.  
  • Learning Tower- I think this can be moved from the “want” to the “need’ category.  How perfect is this stand for Ina?  She can stand right next to me at the counter and help me cook instead of saying, “up please” 10 times.  The height can be adjusted and you can also add fun stuff like an easel or a castle cover. 

What is on your wish list?  

PS - I made the above collage using polyvore, which was a fun website to play around with. 

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  1. I was given Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo Clean Freak and I love it!! I have really oily hair and it does wonders for my hair and it smells really good.


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