Monday, August 4, 2014

My Sunday in Numbers

- 30 minutes invested in planning my weekly meals and exercise 

- 3 miles in the rain

IMG 7316

- 5 ways to be involved in an active faith community (sermon at church)

- $180 at the grocery story (I left Dan alone at the meat counter)

IMG 7319

- 4 loads of laundry

-2 movies (The Internship and Frozen, which Dan was refusing to watch at the beginning and crying / singing every song at the end.)

- 8 unsuccessful attempts using the Minnie Mouse Potty

- 7 hours in the slow cooker

IMG 7320

- 3 rounds of listening to Dan read the book, You Are Special, to Ina and crying every single time.  

All those numbers add up to 1 full heart. 

Have a good week!

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