Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Indian Dinner

Sorry for the lame title of today’s post.  Only half a cup of coffee and this is what you get.

Yesterday Ina woke up pretty early, so we had extra time to pick blackberries

IMG 7323

and get dinner assembled in the slow cooker.

IMG 7327

Ina had a few jobs which she took very seriously - dumping the cans into the slow cooker and stirring the pot.  

Dinner was slow cooker butter chicken with brown rice and roasted okra.  

IMG 7330

Ina loved it.  Watching her eat this made me think of the first time she had Indian food and we couldn’t get it in her mouth fast enough.  

What I don’t have pictured are the tomatoes thrown all over the living room.  I took a 30 second bathroom break, and when I returned, Ina had climbed up to my tomato stash and started chucking them everywhere.  The girl has a future in softball.   I need to re-arrange my living room.  And shampoo the carpet.

IMG 7328

Also, not pictured, my treadmill sprints from yesterday.  Nothing too exciting to report, except I was talking to someone most of the time I was “sprinting," so maybe it is time to ramp up the sprinting speed, hmmm?  Regardless, I was pretty dang tired after 20ish minutes.  

Today is spin class.  I have an early morning meeting, so I am out.  

Have a good one!


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