Monday, August 25, 2014

Four Birthdays - One Weekend

Good morning and Happy Monday!

This weekend was pretty much a whirlwind as we were so happy to celebrate the birth of not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR people.  

IMG 7685

However, before the birthday festivities started, we had a little sleepover at our house on Friday night with my sister’s family and my mom.

IMG 7696

Sleepovers always require breakfast.  

IMG 7700

The first birthday was Ina’s friend Gunner’s.  

IMG 7710

Ina really liked the idea of holding the present, until she realized it wasn’t for her. 

IMG 7712

The theme was TMNT.

Sometimes it is hard to be a turtle.  

IMG 7713

After the party on Saturday I rested up for my long bike ride with my dad, and then Dan made us dinner and we went to bed as soon as the last pitch of the Royal’s game was thrown.

Saturday was early church, a stop at Walgreen’s to pick up my new passport picture, and a slight detour to the pound, where Ina loved watching the kitties.

IMG 7732

We finally made it to our friends Brad and Chessa’s to celebrate the first year of their son Silo’s life.  The theme was monsters and their house was decorated so cute.  Chessa even made the kids little stuffed monsters and had little tails for the kids to wear.

IMG 7734

However, this was the only picture I took.  I think I reached picture fatigue this weekend.  

By the time we made it to the last birthday party - my brother’s and my nephew’s, we were wiped.

IMG 7736

Ina even slept at the restaurant, which pretty much never happens.  

As we didn’t get much rest this weekend, I am hoping we can fuel off all the energy from the parties!

Have a good week!


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