Friday, August 22, 2014

Five x Five Things Friday

1. Five clean(ish) zucchini recipes to try with all that zucchini that is EVERYWHERE right now:

IMG 7677

  1. zucchini brownies  (made those babies yesterday after a very unexpected afternoon nap from Ina)
  2. zucchini pizza crust
  3. zucchini noodles
  4. taco stuffed zucchini boats
  5. zucchini fritter cups

2. Five things I am looking forward to over the next five weekends:

  1. This weekend: THREE birthday parties.  Does it get any better?
  2. Next weekend: Dan and I are going to North Carolina for a wedding of one of my dear friends
  3. Three weeks away: our small group is taking a trip to Branson!
  4. Four weeks away: my 30th birthday!
  5. Five weeks away: We are having dinner with some pretty cool cats I haven’t seen in a long time

3. Five things I did yesterday:

IMG 7671

  1. Swam 1000 meters
  2. Made brownies
  3. Went out to eat with an old WW buddy and his adorable family
  4. Painted my toes (a pretty big deal)
  5. Was challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge- I am already cold.

4. Five things left to do on my summer bucket list:

  1. Complete an open water swim (this might not happen until the race)
  2. Enroll Ina in swim lessons (likely not to happen, but I have taken her swimming a lot)
  3. Go to a drive-in movie (maybe this weekend?)
  4. Take Ina to the Kansas City zoo - she has gone, just not with me.  This might have to wait until fall.
  5. Clean out the garage.  Very. Heavy. Sigh.

5. Five things Ina has said lately:

  1. “No Mommy!  Milk Cold!” as she threw her sippy cup across the kitchen.  She doesn’t like cold milk.  So weird.
  2. “No! Elsa! No!  Elsa!” when I try to sing Let it Go in the car because I left my phone in the backseat and can’t play the Frozen soundtrack.  I understand, I am nothing close to the real thing, but I would like some credit for effort.
  3. “Aumlette HUSH!” while holding her finger to her lips when our dog makes even a whimper.  Then she immediately wants to read Goodnight Moon, because saying “hush” reminds her of the old lady who whispers hush.
  4. “WAKE-UP MAMMA!” after the room is dark and quiet for 5 minutes and I am positive she is finally asleep.
  5. “Mommy work.  Bye Bye.  Kisses.”  as I am running around the house trying to get everything ready to leave.  I always stop for kisses.

Have a good weekend!

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