Monday, August 18, 2014

Catch-Up Sunday

Yesterday was a catch-up Sunday, which I think are required at least once a month, or else I will go bananas.

The next few weekends are looking extra crazy with two out of town trips in the next month, so I was happy to go for a run,

IMG 7609

head to church, pick up some groceries, and then not leave our house for the rest of the day.  

Catch-up Sundays usually involve laundry (I did 6 loads yesterday!) and food prep - salsa made outside during Ina’s nap,

IMG 7610

and hummus when she woke up, saw the food processor, and wouldn’t stop requesting, “hummus!  hummus!”  

IMG 7616

I was also going to hard boil eggs until I realized that Dan left 2 dozen farm eggs in his car.  Hmph.  At least it wasn’t my car?

Another benefit of catch-up Sunday- the time to make an amazing dinner.  

IMG 7621

Chicken enchiladas (made with my crockpot chicken concoction) and a kale-jalapeno-feta salad.  So, so, good!  

Other weekend highlights:

- Friday my niece and nephew did Steph's 50/50 HIIT workout with me while Ina was taking a nap.  They really loved counting out loud with me and watching them do mountain climbers made me almost not hate them.  Almost.

IMG 7579

-Friday night Dan, Ina, and I went on a little family date and I had the best chicken wings of my life.  Seriously, those wings will become a weekly addition to our menu.

-Saturday we went to brunch at my uncle’s cousin’s house.  Dan finished dressing Ina.

IMG 7586

Anytime she saw the sandals in my hand she would yell, “No Momma!  Boots!”  Eventually, we unfortunately couldn’t find the boots.  

IMG 7595

-We came home Saturday night and Ina was very, very happy to be reunited with her toys.  

IMG 7620

I tried to keep them organized, but after 3 rounds of her un-doing everything I had just done, I gave up.  

I think that is about it. I hope you have a fantastic week!  

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