Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Serious Proposal

After working from my grandparent’s house yesterday, I am going into work today with a serious proposal for my boss.

IMG 7460

I am going to ask her if I can move my office to my grandparents’ house.  Very professional, right?

IMG 7462


  • Coffee with family before work starts
  • Breakfast brought to me during my conference call
  • Lunch on the patio
  • Knowing Ina is in the next room, having a blast
  • The quietness of the country air

IMG 7466

I think everyone will agree that my productivity would do nothing but go up.  I don’t think grandma would mind my monitor and printer replacing her sewing machine.

IMG 7469

The drawbacks:

  • About a 15 minute longer drive
  • The (very small) distraction of talking with my family

IMG 7472

Do you think my boss will go for it?  

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