Friday, August 29, 2014

A Day in My Life

Good morning!  

I have wanted to write a minute-by-minute detailed post for a long time because I love reading these on other blogs.  I randomly decided to start yesterday morning.

Yesterday was an atypical day because my in-laws were here to help me take care of Ina in the morning and last night Ina  and I went to a friend’s house for dinner, so I didn’t have to cook.   Other than that, we had a relatively normal day, if such a thing exists.  


5:15: The alarm on my phone goes off, I turn it off and decide I should sleep in (this happens every morning before I come to my senses).  

5:17: The noise from the alarm woke up the dogs and they are peeking over the bed to see if I am awake

5:25: I finally get out of bed, can't sleep in because the dogs are awake
5:30: Coffee
5:35: Drink coffee, bust out my clipboard with my schedule and think about my day, write down my bible verse of the day and pray about my day and a few people on my prayer list

IMG 7792

6:02 Start writing blog.  Try to publish.  Won’t publish.  Re-write blog because my computer is half broken half of the time
6:21: Publish blog, change into my swimsuit, wake up Dan, kiss him good-bye and head to the gym for a swim.
6:35: Walk into gym and see an old pharmacy patient from when I worked retail.  I haven't brushed hair or my teeth and he wants to give me a hug.  Yikes.

IMG 7793

6:37: Jump in pool and swim 1000 m, spending at least half of the time lecturing myself about how I really should brush my teeth before I go out in public
7:04 Get out of pool, pick up my towel and scream because a huge spider was under it.  Help the lifeguard catch the spider.

IMG 7794

7:10: Get in my car and convince myself I don't feel another spider climbing on me the whole way home
7:21: Feed, the dogs, shower and get dressed.  Remember this is my last day to wear white (yes, I follow that rule), so I change and head downstairs

IMG 7795

7:55: Ina is awake!  Dan's parents stayed the night (which is how I was able to go to the pool in the morning).  I change her diaper and talk to her while I clean up some dishes that made their way to the sink after dinner and get my breakfast and lunch together.

IMG 7796

8:15: I attempt to say bye to Ina, but this turns into cuddles and I-want-yous and I don't get out the door until 8:23
8:27: My MIL calls - I forgot to leave them the carseat.  Ugh. Turn around.
8:57: Finally make it to work, sit down at my desk, eat my breakfast which is a yogurt-peach-oatmeal-walnut parfait (I really shouldn't wait this long to eat something), check emails (I work with people from all over the world, so lots happened while I was asleep), reply to emails that don't take a lot of time, create my list of things to get done at work.
9:30: Call into a meeting about two studies done in patients with impaired liver and kidney function.  Answer a few questions about dosing and data collected.
9:45: Write a synopsis of a report I wrote the day before.  This is an easy one because there is a clear drug interaction with no surprises.  I check the report one more time and send it off to the study statistician for review.
10:30: Go to my boss's office for our bi-weekly meeting.  We talk about my projects and then we talk about our daughters (her's is just a few months older than Ina).
10:50: I received new concentration data for a study, which is my favorite part about my job.  I take a quick look at the data, make a few tables and plots to make sure nothing looks off, and then file it away for when my analysis is planned.

IMG 7797 

11:30: Go to a lunch and learn presentation- today our student is going over the approval of biosimilars, which led to a very interesting discussion between some of the senior scientists in my group.  
12:30: Grab my lunch, throw it in the microwave, head down to the cafeteria to pick up my weekly CSA box (the farmer works with me!), and eat lunch at my desk.  While I eat lunch I answer a few more emails and read a few of my favorite blogs.

IMG 7798

1:04: My "critical" to-do list is done - I planned it this way because I have a few vacation days coming up.  So, I start the training I have been putting off for a month or so.
2:00: My eyes are blurring up from staring at the computer, so I take a quick break and run to Kohl's to pick up an outfit for Dan to wear to the wedding this weekend.  He was in desperate need of something to wear and he requested an outfit that was “colorful" that will make him look "fresh to death."  

IMG 7799

I hope this will suffice.
2:30: More training, answering emails, chatting with a few co-workers, etc.
4:00: I say goodbye to our student.  This is the last day that I will see him and we talk about his future plans.  
4:07: Out the door- munch on veggies leftover from small group on the way home
4:35  My gas light has been blinking since this morning, so I stop for gas
4:44: Arrive home, let the dogs out, eat a few tortilla chips, put away the CSA veggies, start a load of laundry, change, and walk outside just in time to see my in-laws pull in the driveway with Ina
4:55:Head to our friends Brad and Chessa’s house.  They both have to work so Ina and I are helping them out by watching their son Silo for a few hours.  

IMG 7801

6:03: Chessa made us a delicious dinner - red curry lentils.  Ina won’t eat any of it, but Silo scarfs it down. Ina didn’t take a nap today.  Tonight should be interesting.
6:15: Listen to Ina say, “NO SILO!” every time Silo touches one of his toys.  The concept of sharing is a hard one.  

IMG 7806

6:30:  Chessa has a little break (she is working from home) so we catch up on life.  Man, it has been a long time since it was just the two of us talking.  
7:00: Chessa goes back downstairs.  We head to Silo’s room to play with different toys and read books.  Ina feels like she hit the book jackpot.  

IMG 7812

7:21 Oopps - I just realized I forgot to check Dan and I into our flight for the next day. We are flying Southwest, so this matters.
IMG 7807
7:28: Ina still isn’t getting the sharing concept, so I have to slap her hand because she keeps pulling Silo’s away from any toy he touches.  She cries loud.  So loud I am worried about her disrupting Chessa’s work.  I try to calm her down.  Silo is an angel baby the entire time.
7:55: Chessa is done working, so I try to pick up the crazy mess we made in less than an hour, chat with her a little more and then drive home.
8:30: I thought Ina would fall asleep on the way home, but instead she requested “Frozen” songs for 15 minutes until I gave in.
8:35: We walk in the house, say hi to daddy, and eat a few chips and dip with him.  Although want I really want is dessert, so I grab a spoonful of almond butter with chocolate chips. While I am eating this Dan takes Ina upstairs and tries to go to sleep.

IMG 7814

8:45: I force Dan out of bed and  make him try on his clothes.  They fit!  Thank God!  While I am trying to fold her shirt back the right way I hit the wall for the day.  I better go to sleep soon or things won’t be pretty.
8:53: I try on a few dresses for the bridal lunch on Saturday while talking to Dan and Ina and watching the Royals game.  I still can’t decide on a dress.  I guess I will pack them all.
9:07: Lights out and TV off.  Dan falls asleep, but Ina won’t.  She rolls around in bed forever, saying, “Mamma!  Armpit!” until I finally let her nestle under my arm   I think we both fall asleep around 10.
I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend  We are headed to North Carolina for a wedding - can’t wait!  

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