Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday

Good morning! 

I hope your week has started out fantastically.  Mine did - here are 10 reasons why.

1.  On Sunday I attempted to make summer squash pancakes, but didn’t squeeze the water out of the veggies (apparently a requirement).  However, I put them in the oven in muffin tins for a few hours to “dehydrate” them and they came out perfect.  

IMG 7025

Those + a few fried eggs = the perfect breakfast.

2. I booked a flight to Argentina yesterday.  Alone.  Without Dan.  Without Ina.  Who am I?  I also booked two other flights.   This fall is looking good!

3.  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at work.  Nothing really spectacular about the run except that I did it.  

4. After picking Ina up from daycare, I took her to the grocery store to pick up spaghetti squash and Dan’s medicine, which of course are on complete opposite ends of the store.  

We picked up the squash first and she insisted on holding it and walking by herself.  I discovered that spaghetti squash is a surprisingly durable vegetable.  

5.  We had to wait for Dan’s prescription to be filled, and Ina saw the milk section and wanted it.  All.  

IMG 7015

She was not happy to hear me say no to that. Or the chips in the next aisle.  Or the chocolate in the aisle next to it.  I am starting to understand why parents grocery shop alone.

6.  My mom came home from vacation yesterday with gifts!   She brought some flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar - she knows me too well, huh?  

7. I ate at least 10 servings of fruit and vegetables yesterday.  Of course I always try to do this, but yesterday I actually made it!

8. Danielle gave me some kale.

IMG 7023

And by some I mean a lot.  There is nothing that says “love” like arms overflowing with kale.

9.  I used the kale to make my new favorite dinner - Chicken sausage + white bean + kale skillet.

IMG 7022

I will be making this once per week because it takes very little time to make and hits all the major food groups.  

10.  Dan came home from work just in time to help Ina say her prayers.  She said thank you to God for the usual stuff (G, Granny, Papa, mommy, daddy, Aumlette, blocks, etc). but then she said, “Thank you for mommy’s armpit."

Dan and I laughed until we cried over that one, because it wasn’t just her combining words.  When she is going to sleep she nuzzles into either Dan’s or my armpit, so when we think she is tired Dan always says, “It’s time to go to bed, she’s looking for an armpit.”  

That girl.

Have a wonderful day!

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