Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday

Good morning! 

Here are ten completely random facts for you.

1. I just set my abs on fire T25-style.  I am kind of sad that is the last ab workout before the 5 weeks is over.

2.  Danielle (who watches Ina while I am at work) is on vacation this week, so Ina is getting the chance to visit some other family members.  She misses Danielle, but loves seeing everyone else.

3.  My sister is a saint.  She watched Ina yesterday (along with her two children) and everything went smoothly.  

IMG 6789

She even put the two princesses down for their nap at the same time!

IMG 6790

4. One of my favorite things to do in school was convert something from one unit to another.  It was like a puzzle.  I sometimes do this at my job, maybe once a month, if I am lucky. 

IMG 6792

Yesterday was awesome because I needed to do it twice!  That means it was a good day.  

5. Last night was the second to last meeting of our Daniel Plan small group.  I have had 3 people tell me they were able to stop a medication since starting to eat clean and follow the plan.  In just 4 weeks!  If that doesn’t make you a believer, I don’t know what will.  

6.  One of the interviewees in last night’s study was Steve Willis, the author of the book, Winning the Food Fight.  He had a very intriguing story and now I want to read the book.  

7. Our air conditioner broke last night and I won’t be able to be home and wait for someone to fix it until Thursday.  I am so thankful for the dip in the high temps we are going to see over the next few days. 

8. Some nasty beetles killed my zucchini and squash plants and some type of green looking worm is eating my kale before I can.  However, the rest of my garden is looking great and I have lots of tomatoes that are almost ready to turn red.  Also looking forward to eating the blackberries on our blackberry bush.  

9. I need to change the oil in my car.  Like a month ago.  Someone ask me if I did it by Wednesday.  Thank you.

10. I am making this pepper-slaw [minus the sugar] for 4th of July.  We had it Sunday for lunch and it was delicious.

I hope you have a great day!

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