Wednesday, July 2, 2014

S is for...

We are trying to learn letters over here.  So far we know O, which sometimes gets confused with Q.  So, let’s do S today...

S is for spaghetti.

We met our small group in the park last night and we had spaghetti that looked amazing. Ina sure loved it.  We also had collared greens that I wanted to swim in.  So good.   We are almost done with Job, and then we are starting to mix things up a bit.  

S is for squats, which I did a million of this morning in T25.  Fast squats, slow squats.  High squats, low squats.  Burpee squats, slurpee squats.  OK, slurpee squats aren’t really a thing, but I was going for the children’s book theme here, and the burpee squat had to be mentioned.  

S is for sleeping, which is what they were doing while I was squatting.  Aren’t they so cute?


S is for silent screaming, which is what I did at 5 am when I stepped (barefoot) in a “surprise” that one of the dogs left me at the top of the stairs.  Lots of silent screaming.  

S is for snake.  Remember when there was a snake ON our house? (<--throw-back post)  Every time I do yard work I expect that thing to jump out at me.  Eeesh.

S is for swimming, which I plan to do a lot of this weekend.  Only 2 more workdays left.  Let’s do this.  

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