Monday, July 21, 2014

Kansas City's Big Picnic + Other Weekend Things

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty good - let’s start where it ended.

IMG 7089

Last night we packed up our wagon and cooler and ventured out to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art for Kansas City’s big picnic.  

IMG 7092

And a big picnic it was.  We met our friends Ashely and Brady and made the most of it by packing wine, cheese, crackers, sausage, and chips and mickey-mole.   (Side note: if you haven’t tried pears and stone ground mustard on your cheese and sausage, you don’t know what you are missing). 

IMG 7095

The museum has a beautiful and huge lawn that we have always admired, but never been to.  When we pass it, Dan often says, “I just want to touch that grass.”  We can now check that off his bucket list. 

IMG 7099

There were lots of activities and food trucks and even free samples of Blue Bell (too bad they flavor they had was full of gluten).  A theater company had people dressed up as huge ants, birds, bananas, etc. and Ina didn’t stop asking to see the “beak” or the “bug” but wanted to say about 10 feet away at all times.  Creeper.  

IMG 7103

We also enjoyed the three-man drum team.  I tried to get Ina to dance, but she preferred to sit in my lap and watch.

IMG 7123

This rarely happens, so I just soaked it all in.

IMG 7100

The weather was amazing.  Ina was in a great mood (which is pretty rare lately).  We were with good friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was just a perfect evening.

IMG 7133

As we were walking back and I kept on thinking that this was one of those nights that really make my heart full. 

IMG 7137

Our weekend started out great too - picking tomatoes in the garden,

IMG 7061

and playing with hats.

IMG 7070

My niece and nephew stayed the night Saturday night and we had a fun time.  

IMG 7080

Those girls are going to be trouble in a few years.  

We threw a going away party for my cousin and her husband, who are moving, which is sad.  However, it was great to see family.  I wish I took pictures, but hosting a party while simultaneously trying to watching 3 toddlers takes a lot of effort.  Just picture me trying to find the trash bags while all three kids have to go to the bathroom at the same time and you should be good.  

Oh, and yesterday I ran 6 miles.

IMG 7086

It has been a LONG time since I have run that far and I felt great the whole time.   However, my body is feeling not great today. My back started getting tight last night and I didn’t sleep well because it hurt.  This has never happened before, but I am praying it is nothing a hot shower, some ibuprofen, and an extra rest day won’t fix.  

Well, I think that is all the Ina pictures and ramblings you can take for one day, so I am out.  Have a wonderful week!

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