Monday, July 7, 2014

Dan's [Other] Pinky Ring

Yesterday was a little rough. Ina had a big crash and Dan got sick within minutes of each other.  

Instead of reliving that, I will leave you with this picture of Dan’s ring pop.

Dan’s step mom bought Ina these cute little ring pop popsicle molds.  I blended up some watermelon, strawberries, and honey and stuck them in the freezer and they turned out perfectly.

Ina liked them, but Dan loved them.  

The pink ring pop was the perfect accessory to his other pinky ring.  

If you know Dan in real life, you know all about his pinky ring.  If you don’t, there isn’t much to explain except that Dan inherited this ring from a friend of the family who died.  

He loves it.  I loathe it.  So, of course he wears it everyday.  I mostly forget about it until someone makes a comment like, “nice ring, man."

Dan will give me a smug look and say, “see, he likes it!”  

Sigh.  He really doesn’t hear sarcasm in compliments, which I guess is a good thing.  

It is amazing the conversations a little piece of jewelry can bring up.  

My favorite was a few weeks ago we went out to eat with some friends and their son saw a girl from his class at the table next to us.  He was a little nervous to talk to her and his dad was giving him some advice.  Dan jokingly said to the boy, “Don’t take girl advice from your dad, what does he know?"

Without missing a beat the boy turned to Dan and said, “What do you know?  Look at your pinkie!"

I almost died laughing.  

I have given up trying to get him to stop wearing it and have accepted it as one of the things that makes Dan who he is.  Now I am just waiting for the day that Ina loses it or asks to wear it herself. 

Hopefully it is the former.

Have a good Monday!

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