Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cashed Out Workout + Ina's New Trampoline

Good morning!

I slept through my first night of many without waking up to crying, choking, or gagging, so today has got to be a good one, right?  

Ina is obviously feeling much better.  

One day, my darling, you will jump and both feet will come off the floor. and you will feel like you can do anything. Then, years later, you will do T25 and wish you never ever learned how to jump.

Ina's papa brought her this little trampoline and I can already tell it is going to be a living room favorite.  Ina kept saying, “Mamma - bump!” But, when I hopped on, she saw how much fun I was having and immediately wanted to jump instead.  I got quite the workout just playing with Ina.  

Speaking of workouts, I finished mine yesterday feeling completely cashed.  First I did sprints (5 min warmup; 1 min sprint, 2 min normal pace x2; 1 min sprint, 1 min normal pace x4; 30 sec sprint, 30 second normal pace x 4).  I ended up going a little over 2.5 miles in 22 minutes and there were puddles of sweat collecting in the treadmill cup holders when I was done. I almost took a picture, but then remembered that there is an over-sharing line, and sweat isn’t worth crossing it. 

After sprints I did this arm burner, and when I reached the last set of push-ups my spaghetti arms laughed at me.  


(Also, I need that kale shirt ASAP!) 

 I owe you guys a full review of T25, but one thing it did teach me is to give every workout my all, which is hard to do for me while running, because it is so easy to get into my running groove.  Adding in things like sprints and arm workouts mixes things up and creates a challenge.  

Another challenge?  Using all the vegetables I get in my CSA before I get my next box.  Let me tell you, I love vegetables, and this is tough.  But, I am determined to do it this week and only have a few things left (green beans, squash, kolhrabi, and cucumbers).  

Last night I put a dent in my green bean supply by making almond meal chicken fingers, roasted green beans, pesto brown rice, and sliced tomatoes.  

IMG 7252

Have you tried almond meal chicken fingers? Dan absolutely loves them, mostly because I add extra cayenne to his.  However, I told Ina they were chicken nuggets and she took a bite, shook her head, and politely pushed it aside.  Ha!  

I think that is all the rambling I have time for today.  I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!


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