Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back in the Running Game

Yesterday, after taking a break from running for 5 weeks, I ran for a little over 3 miles at a decent pace.

Even on the treadmill it felt amazing.  I almost forgot that there is absolutely nothing like the endorphin rush that comes from running.  I also forgot how sore I could get from a 3ish mile treadmill run.  Apparently T25 doesn’t max out every leg muscle.  Ouch.  

My plan going forward is to push my pace most days and push my distance one day a week.  I have a (sprint) triathlon and a half marathon I would like to complete (and do well in) in the near future.  

Other tidbits from yesterday:

- I made this quinoa enchilada casserole (subbing ground beef and sautéing chopped kale along with the beef) and made my own enchilada sauce for dinner last night.  Even though it sounds complicated, the casserole dish was in the oven by the time Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was over.  My new dinner standard - if it can't to be made during a 30 minute cartoon, I am not making it.  

- I tried to feed said dinner to Ina and all she wanted to do was stir her spoon around, pick up a piece of kale, say, “WHOA!” and fling the kale across the room.  She was obviously very grateful for my hard work.  

Dan told me later that while I was gone she ate half of his plate.  Hmph.

- Speaking of Ina, she is a genius.  She randomly starts counting things (not in the right order, but is that really important?) and will yell out colors (also not always correct).   When she is getting in trouble her favorite thing to do is stick her newly painted fingernail in the air and yell, “PINK!”  

How can you be stern with that?

- Last night was the last meeting of our little Daniel Plan study group.  I am already looking forward to what I can do to make the next one better.  

- Last night, when we were putting Ina to sleep, she kept kicking her feet in the air.  She kicked with so much gusto that I started laughing.  Which made her bust into a fit of giggles.  Which made Dan laugh.  Then we laughed because we were all laughing.  Best two minutes of my life.  

Have a good day!

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  1. "Best two minutes of my life." <-- I love that!


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