Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Color Run + MFFP #38

Yesterday was a really good day.

IMG 6351

It started off bright and early at the start line of The Color Run.

IMG 6357

Through a series of circumstances, my friend Liz and I decided to take our babies with us through the 5K course during which powdered color was thrown on us from every direction.

IMG 6362

I have been wanting to take Ina on a race with me for a while now, and this was the perfect situation.

IMG 6371

The girls enjoyed it for the most part and we thought we had done a pretty good job of protecting them from the color. 

IMG 6373

Until the end.

IMG 6368

Ina’s hair might have a purple tinge for a few weeks.  

IMG 6399

It was so nice running with Ina and catching up with one of my dear friends.

IMG 6375

I think Ina might have made a new friend too (after she forgave her for pulling a few hairs out).

IMG 6396

After the run we showered + ate lunch + lounged on the couch for a while until we sent Ina to my dad and we met our friends at the pool.

IMG 6405

After the pool we grilled dinner and enjoyed some quality conversation that was uninterrupted.  Although a night away from Ina was nice, when my sister text me a picture of her fishing, I didn’t get a tinge of sadness.

IMG 6410

I am sure there will be many more fish where that came from.  

I am so excited to continue this amazing weekend and hope it leads to an even better week.  Here is what I am up to:



I have decided to take a 5 week break from running.  It was getting entirely too “comfortable” for me and I think I need to get out of my fitness comfort zone.

So, for the next 5 weeks, I am going to do T25, which promises to be uncomfortable in every way possible.  

Here is the schedule for the next 5 weeks:

IMG 6338I hope I can walk by Friday.

Running with Racheal

What are you up to this week?


  1. Fun! I took my 2yo on Run or Dye and he had a blast! I gave him a dye packet while we waited over an hour to start, so he was a purple mess from the start! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. I plan on doing T25 in August.


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