Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday - The Iced Coffee Edition


Why am I yelling at you?  Because today my thankfulness cup runneth over.  Most likely because I just had my first sip of coffee for over 10 days and all is right with the world again.  But, it wasn’t just any coffee.  

I decided to take it to the next level by making my own cold brew coffee.  For years I thought that iced coffee was just coffee brewed in the coffee pot that was leftover, put in the fridge to get cold, and then put over ice.  I have tried that method many times and it kind of tasted like cold coffee that I left on the counter for too long.  

Then I read about this super easy cold brew method and decided to give it a try.  I added a little almond milk and my life was changed.  Try it.  

So, other than the magic that is iced coffee, I am also thankful for:

- This picture of Ina.  Can you even?  

Dani of Sage and Jude Photography captured this at the birthday party we went to last weekend and it is perfect.  The smile. The  hint of ornery in her eyes.  The curls.  The way she is holding on to that apple like her life depended on it. Just perfect.  

- My alarm message

Our pastor told us this week the theme should be to pray, “God, use me.”  So, I thought the best way to capture that would be on my alarm.  How can you press snooze to God?  You can’t.  You have to get up.  

- My mom who made too much chicken stir fry and then gave me the leftovers.  Guess who didn’t cook last night?  

- My small group.  Man, just when I think I can’t love them more, I do.  Every single week.  

- Our friends Brad and Chessa who brought me a special present I will be enjoying this weekend

- My in-laws for watching Ina last night, even though I miss her so, so much.  Wednesday nights are rough.  

- Coffee.   Have I mentioned that yet?

What are you thankful for?  Have  a wonderful day!  Friday is almost here.  

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