Monday, June 2, 2014

Starting T25

Good morning!

Guess who has two thumbs and already completed her workout for the day?

This girl!  

As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to take a (very short) break from running.  Although I absolutely love it, I feel like it is my “lazy” workout.  When I was in San Diego with my sister, she asked me to do T25 with her every morning, and every morning I would say, “Can’t we just run instead?”  

I realized then that “just” running wasn’t really pushing me anymore.  I was / am in a fitness stand-still.  My hope is to finish this 5 week program with stronger muscles and a stronger desire to run faster + farther.  

IMG 6338

When I thought of starting T25, I asked a few of my friends to start with me.  I knew keeping on track with the workout schedule would be much easier if I had someone to stay accountable to.

It just so happens that due to our schedules, the only time that really worked was 5:15 am.

So, at 5:15 this morning my heart was pounding, but now I feel like I have my entire day to feed off the endorphin high.

Such a great way to start the week!

[To find out what T25 is or more about it, here is the website.]

Last week also ended on a high note with yesterday.  Church, then nap time + food prep, then a little cleaning.  

We went over to Danielle’s house for a very delicious dinner.  It was great to see Ina and Gunner (Danielle’s son) play together and I can easily see why Ina loves going there so much.  

Dan and Kyle (Danielle’s husband) hit it off quite well, so hopefully there will be many more repeats.

A few other things to note:

- I harvested my first batch of kale from our garden yesterday and have officially met my return on the $3 I invested in the plant.  Anything else I harvest will be icing on the [kale] cake.  

- I am starting a Daniel Plan small group study at our church this evening and would appreciate any prayers for the success of our new group. 

- Today Ina is one and a half years old!  Although I blog about her constantly, I hope to get a 1.5 year “update” post up sometimes this week.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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