Monday, June 30, 2014

Smoked Meat + Wild Flowers

Good morning!  I think my Mac dislikes Monday mornings as much as I do, because it is giving me trouble again.  So, I am blogging from my phone- so there will be even more typos than usual.  

Yesterday after church and grocery shopping, we headed to Dan's dad's house for lunch.  

And boy did we have it.  The food was so good!  I decided that I prefer smoked meat over any other method to cook meat- so flavorful!  There was also a pepper-slaw-salad I am going to repeat ASAP.  

After lunch we hung around and let Ina entertain us, which she was happy to do.  

She especially loved playing with her Auny Kotey and Dan's step-mom Sherri. It was so great to see them and we were sad to leave.  

On our way home we couldn't help but stop and pick some wild flowers.  They were just too pretty.

Dan used if always bring me home wild flowers, so it was fun to see his picking strategy and bouquet making method.

Once we were home we actually did some yard work. I am sure my neighbors are still in shock.  I personally am in shock that I managed to not clip a body part off while trimming the bushes. 

I think that means I had a successful Sunday.  Have a good week!

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