Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ina Mae Favorites: 18 Months

Ina turned a year and a half yesterday!  

Although, I have been telling people she is a year and a half for a few months now, because when I say she is “16 months” people give me a very uncomfortable look like, “I was not expecting to do any math today."

Here are 18 of her favorite things, or what I think are her favorite things:

1.Mickey Mouse

IMG 6068

Ina LOVES Mickey Mouse (via the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  Before we went to DisneyLand she was indifferent of him.  While we were there she was terrified of him.  However, now she is obsessed with him.  She “calls” him on her hand and asks to see the show constantly.  We let her watch about once episode a day and when his head appears on the screen she screams like I did the first time I saw 98 degrees in concert.  Seriously.  

2. Water

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Ina is a water baby.  She loves it in any container - the pool (which she still drinks), in a cup (which she dumps on herself), or in a bowl.  She can almost say the word correctly, but it usually comes out, “wa-er."

3. Daddy

IMG 4805

Baby girl loves her daddy, who she regularly refers to as, “Dan."  Whenever she wakes up in the morning and he has already left for work, she still searches the house for him and does the same when we get home from daycare.  She also doesn’t like for him to be asleep when she isn’t and goes to great lengths to wake him up like hitting him in the face and taking away his blanket.

4. Cheese

XMG 407463

Ina’s food choices are constantly changing.  One day she will spit green beans out and the next day she will choose them over chocolate ice cream (I was frozen in disbelief).  However, one constant has always been cheese.  She likes cottage cheese, string cheese, and shredded cheese, and any will do when she hugs the fridge and yells, “Momma!  EESE!"

5. The world uh-uh.  Oh this word, it tests my soul.  For months, whenever I ask Ina a questions, she responds with “uh-uh.”  It used to be sort of endearing.  However, it quickly changed to, “uh-UHH!” when I do mean things like remove her from a freezing cold pool.  We have tried to tell her that she isn’t allowed to say that to us, so she has now replaced it with “no” or “no-noooo.”  

I think I like uh-uh better.

6. Our dog Aumlette

IMG 4113

Everyday when we drive over the bump in our drive way Ina immediately starts saying, “Aumlette.  Aumlette.  Aumlette.” until I get her out of her carseat.  She also likes our other dog, Lilly, but she really can’t say her name yet, so both of them are Aumlette.

7. Animals

IMG 2380

Ina is a whiz when it comes to animals.  She can identify and say the name and sounds of cow, dog, cat, sheep, snake, elephant, monkey, frog, bird, chicken, duck, owl, pig, and many more. When is is being ornery I sometimes try to distract her by asking her what sound an elephant makes.  Sometimes it works and sometimes I hear, “Uh-UH!"

8. Swinging

IMG 3473


We can only be in the backyard for a few minutes before Ina yells, “momma, SING!” and starts toddling over to the swing set.  She has also recently started to tell me “HIGH!” and doesn’t stop until she gets up there.  Then she leans her head back, closes her eyes, and smiles.  

9.Twirling and somersaulting

 I often ask Ina to twirl, and she will usually give me a few twirls, but then she goes into downward dog and will stay then until someone flips her over.  

IMG 6252

10. Danielle’s house

IMG 5360

Ina continues to love her daycare and has a huge smile on her face when we get out of the car every morning.  She is becoming pretty good friends with Danielle’s son Gunner too.  What a blessing!

11. Her grandparents

IMG 4549

The other day I told Ina that her papa was coming over and she waited by the front door for 20 minutes.  Another day we were playing at the park and Ina left the play area when she saw my mom and screamed “G!” and ran towards her.  She is one lucky little girl to have so many people who love her.

12. Hanging 

IMG 4769

Ina is so strong!  Before she goes down the slide, she will grab the bar above and kick her feet out from underneath herself.  I keep meaning to take a picture of her back when she does this, because her muscles pop out so much she looks like a little baby body builder.

13.  Reading

IMG 5174

Ina continues to love to read and brings me multiple books a day. She will occasionally read a book by herself, and she loves to flip the pages.  She also loves to tear out the pages.  

14. Coloring

IMG 5322

We usually color for about 5 minutes a day.  We stop when she starts eating the crayons.   She also fully understands the purpose of a pen and knows how to remove the lid, so we have to be extra careful.  

15. Her rain boots.

IMG 6276

I have to hide Ina’s rain boots, because if she sees them she will not rest until she is wearing them.  She picks them up, shoves them in my face, and says, “oot!"

16. Her blanket(s)

IMG 4685

Ina is a blanket girl, they are what she uses to comfort herself.  She doesn’t suck on it or chew it, she just sort of breathes into it.  Thankfully, there about 5 she finds acceptable.  She used to call them a “BOT” but now she says the word “blanket” clear as a bell, like when we go on a 4 mile run and I forget to bring it.  She reminded me about every 30 seconds.  

17. Changing diapers

Ina has recently started thinking that all of her stuffed animals and babies require regular diaper changes.  She will grab about 5 diapers, the wipes, the baby lotion, Desatin, and get to work.  She also figured out how to take off her own diaper over the weekend.  Lord help me.

18. Praying

We always pray before we eat and we have started praying before bed too.  Her newest word to say is, “Amen!”  She will usually close her eyes, say 5 to 10 syllables that we don’t understand, and then open her eyes, smile, and say, “Amen!"


The love I have for this girl is so intense that sometimes it scares me.  

IMG 5541

Happy half birthday sweetie!

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