Friday, June 20, 2014

House Guests + Blocks + Bunny Ears

Happy Friday!  

Last night sort of felt like Friday night, because we had some house guests.  

Our friends Brady and Chessa came over because they had painted their house and needed some fume-freedom.  

I wish I could say I was perfectly prepared for having last minute dinner guests.

Instead I had a tiny freak out over having people over while trying to be on this detox, but then I realized it was completely possible.  Not only was it possible, it was awesome.  

I just stuck the leftover smoked turkey in the oven to warm up, prepped some kale from our CSA to sauté, and then cut up the random potatoes, onions, and peppers we had left to make a hash.  

It was fun to have them over for dinner and of course Ina felt the need to be the evening’s entertainment.

Who needs TV when you have a toddler running around with tights on top of her head?  

Once we told her she was a bunny she hopped, twirled, and summersaulted around the room. Chessa was the genius behind that idea and I think it will be repeated often.  

Forcing myself out of bed to do T25 this morning was hard, but I did it.  

This weekend is looking pretty busy - Royals game tonight, work tomorrow morning, a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and another get together tomorrow evening.  Sunday is church + church life development classes. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend!  

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