Friday, June 27, 2014

A Really Good Day

Yesterday was a really good day.  

Like super good.

It might have been the fact that I could do almost every move in T25 Total Body Circuit.  I even tried a few oblique push-ups, but nearly fell on my face.  

It may have been that I was able to drink coffee again.

IMG 6703

[Using the cold brew method.]

It may have been that I wore heels, which happens once a year.

IMG 6707

[I had a presentation and Ina was at her grandparents’, so I thought I could take it.]

It may have been that I had some serious power foods for breakfast

IMG 6708

[brown rice, lentils, kale and egg]

and lunch.

IMG 6711

[salmon with brown rice and a kale, feta, and cherry salad]

Or maybe because Ina and I went to the farmer’s market

IMG 6715

[That silly hat]

or possibly because we also received our CSA share.

IMG 6720

[So many goodies - eggs, raw honey, watermelon, carrots, green beans, snap peas, baby zucchini, corn, onion, basil, and jalapeƱos.]

My day only got better while listening to Ina saying, “hippopotamus”  and then giggling her heart out while swimming in our high quality pool.

When Dan licked his plate clean (literally) after dinner, I knew my day was complete.

IMG 6729

[Turkey burgers, roasted green beans and mushrooms, and baked sweet potato with coconut oil]

So, when Ina learned how to use the couch on the other side of the wall to climb up to the kitchen sink, turn on the water, and turn on the garbage disposal in a matter of minutes, I took it all in stride.  

IMG 6724

We might have some re-arranging to do.

It was a good day indeed.  Looking forward to repeating my mood throughout the weekend.  I hope your weekend is great too!

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