Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tommie Copper Review

I am so excited  to tell you guys about Tommie Copper, a product that has most definitely changed Dan’s life and decreased his pain.

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Dan has bad bones.  He has bad hips (4 surgeries total).  He has bad knees (2 surgeries total).  His shoulder bothers him a lot (no surgeries yet!).  Pretty much something on him is always hurting.  

I often tell him he is weakening my gene pool.  

So, for Christmas this year he asked for some Tommie Copper compression stuff, after seeing one of their commercials.

After one wear he was hooked and had me ordering him another shirt and shorts.  His pain significantly decreased.  I mean significantly.  His range of motion also improved.  Both of these changes were instant.  If he gets out of the shower and doesn’t put his Tommie Copper on right away, he can immediately tell.  

He constantly wears Tommie Copper under all of his clothes now - he has 4 tops and 4 bottoms, and when I get behind on the laundry he just starts to stink because he isn’t willing to not wear it.  

I have yet to try it, but he has made a believer out of me. 

Dan’s favorite products:

 - compression undershorts

active fit shirt 

long-sleeve compression shirt

This post was written purely for me to tell you about a product Dan loves.  We were not compensated for this post, we just want to spread the word.  

To find out more about Tommie Copper, visit their website and/or video here:

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  1. So happy that he found something to relieve the pain!


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