Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Favorite Moments from San Diego 2014 Part 2

Part 1 here.

- San Diego Zoo: this place lived up to the hype. 

IMG 2380 

IMG 5944

[Please ignore my almost closed eyes in all of these pictures.  I hurt my eye at the baseball game the night before and have not been able to tolerate contacts since.]

IMG 5932

Although it covered a large area, there was an animal everywhere I turned. My favorite animals were the bears - panda and brown bear.

IMG 5941

I also really loved the imax 4D movies - they were a perfect break for the kids.

IMG 5936

While we were there, Ina learned to say, elephant, lion, monkey, and snake, and she learned the sounds they make.  It took a while for her to get it down, but now when she sees an elephant she screams, “Elephant!” and makes the cutest spitting sound. 

IMG 5947

- Disneyland

IMG 6039

I love Disney for many reasons, but it was so awesome to see the faces of the kids whose dreams were coming to life.  The girl in front of us waiting in line to meet Mickey was in total awe.  I loved it.  

IMG 6035

Ina liked looking at the characters from afar - really far.

IMG 6053

When we got up close she started shaking.

IMG 2553

So, we stopped at two.  

IMG 2532

My nephew Kauffman was a champ!

IMG 6059

She also was so-so about the rides, but in general liked seeing the characters.  She now LOVES Micky and “calls” him at least once an hour.  

IMG 6048

When I go back, I will be sure to have at least 3 days to explore - so many things to do!

- World of Color

IMG 6064

This was in Disneyland but deserves its own shout out.  If you go, you must do this.  

IMG 6065

It was one of the coolest things I have seen in my life.  It is had to explain, but it pretty much a water/light/movie musical.  

IMG 6067

When it started Ina looked at me and said, “WHOA.”  

IMG 6073

- The food (my most favorite part!)

IMG 5804

We ate most breakfasts and lunches at the hotel, and grilled a few times.  Here were some of my favorite restaurants.

I ate gluten free the entire trip (minus two bites of a smokes cake I couldn’t say no to) and it was pretty easy.  

- Exercising with my sister

IMG 6079

I started running with my sister years ago, and now that we live far apart, we rarely exercise together.  

She is still doing T25, so we did a few of those videos - killed me.  We also had a few short runs.  

- Being with my family.  The best part of all. 

IMG 2604

We are all so busy that sometimes it takes a vacation to have concentrated time together.  I love them to pieces.  

A few other pictures that didn’t fit above:

Ina getting ready with Aunt Char-Char.

IMG 0421

Tea party

IMG 6089

Prom picture

IMG 6131

It was a great trip.


  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I've never been. Need to add it to my bucket list!

  2. awww so sweet!!! My brothers girlfriend came to visit him and he took her to the zoo they got a lot of good pics!! I think that is the second time he has went!


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