Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Around the River Bend: Memorial Weekend 2014

Whenever I step into a river two things happen: 

IMG 6298

1. Memories of my teenage years flood back to me.  My family and my friends’ families used to meet every year for an annual float trip.  Some of the best memories of my life are on the river.  

2. The Pocahontas song Just Around the River Bend is in my head for the next week.  

What I love most about rivers is you never step in the same river twice...

IMG 6304

Whenever Ina steps in the river one thing happens - she keeps stepping until she is neck deep in water.  

IMG 6306

We had a wonderful weekend camping with Dan’s family who were absolutely wonderful hosts.  We slept in a bed and ate like kings.  We also rented a raft to go on a short float.

IMG 6314

The “short” 3 hour float somehow morphed into a 9 hour float.  I am very thankful for Ina’s ability to sleep on the floor of a raft.  

IMG 6315

A long day on the river left me so completely exhausted that apparently I flung Ina off the bed in the middle of the night, picked her up, put her back to sleep, and have absolutely no memory of it happening.  

Despite the trauma, I am very well rested today.  

IMG 6310

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and have a blessed short week!

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