Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How a Clipboard Changed My Life

…and it can change yours too!

When I was in high school and college, my favorite thing to do was write in my year long planner.  More specifically, my favorite thing to write in my planner were tests days.

I know I sound like a complete lunatic when I say that, but every semester when the syllabus was passed out, the first thing I would do was figure out my test schedule.  Looking back, I think this was because tests gave me extreme anxiety and writing them down and scheduling them out gave me a feeling of control over the mostly uncontrollable.

Fast forward to a few years after college and I have completely transferred to an online calendar and scrapped my paper planner.  However, an online calendar works for big things, like when I am taking vacation and my next birthday party to attend, but there was just something about looking at my week in paper form with bullet points and to-do lists that I missed.

I missed that feeling of control over my day and my schedule.

Until now.  

Enter the clipboard, or as Dan lovingly calls it, my command center.  

IMG 5629

It goes with me everywhere. 

I started using this “system” about a month ago and it has changed my life.  I am exponentially more productive and forget less and less things that i need to do.  I also spend less time dreading things that need to be done, instead, I just do them (mostly because I so look forward to the satisfaction of checking something off my list).  

IMG 5381

Ina likes checking things off my list too.  

The main component of my clipboard is my daily schedule, which can be downloaded and printed from here.  (Immense thanks to Back to Her Roots for giving me this idea.)

Every morning, I wake up, make my coffee, and sit down with my day.  I write out:

  • My appointments
  • My to-do list
  • Dinner plans
  • Workout plans (If I treat a workout like a client meeting it gets done!)
  • My daily bible verse
  • My blog post ideas for the next day
  • Water intake - has helped so much with my hydrating

IMG 5632

My clipboard hosts many other things other than my daily schedule.  They include (but are not limited to):

  • My weekly capacity email to my boss, which briefly sums up each project I am working on and my next task
  • My notes from the church sermon on Sunday - this helps me to fully reflect on each week
  • Grocery shopping list - this still eventually get transferred to my phone
  • Packing list - I feel like we are constantly going somewhere!
  • Prayer list - I feel much more purposeful with my prayers if I write down the people I am praying for that week
  • Any paper bills that come in or other mail responsibilities, like RSVPs
  • Checks that need deposited
  • Something Dan wants me to do - he has quickly learned that if he leaves me a note on my clipboard, it happens

Now that I am reading this, I see that I seem like a control freak / complete Type A personality, but I assure you, I am not, at least all the way.  I was simply a girl who felt disorganized with her day to day activities and wanted some order.

Do you think something like this would help you?  Let me know if you try it!  

Or, do you have a daily organizational system that works well for you?  If so, let me know.  I am always looking for ways to improve. 


  1. that is awesome!!! can you link where we can get that printable? thanks for the idea!!!

    1. It is there now. Sorry about that! - http://backtoherroots.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/command-center1.pdf

  2. Could you put the link for the printable? It looks very helpful.


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