Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

My Friday dance has a little extra pep in it because we are going on vacation next week in San Diego!  I am taking the week off from blogging, but no worries,  I have a whole week’s worth of posts lined up while I am away.  

If you think you will miss me, you can follow me on Instagram, where I can guarantee pictures of Ina crying with Disney characters and me with pictures of all the amazing food I will try.

Before I went into full blown vacation mode, I ran 9 miles yesterday.

IMG 5635

Then, after work I mowed the yard and found this beautiful bird’s nest.  

IMG 5639

Mama bird was not happy with me for bringing that lawn mower so close to her babies. Hey, I get it.  

Finally, I was reunited with my love.

IMG 5649

Ina was excited to see me and Dan, but she was extra excited to see her toys.  She spent most of the evening trying to hold as many of them as she could at once.  As I was putting her to sleep she kept muttering, “book”, “block”, and “dog"

Ina has also started calling me “Dacheal” which is what her cousin Hallaway calls me.  I think it is both funny and sad at the same time.  Apparently she wasn’t getting the desired response from “MAWM!"

I am just so happy to have that girl back in my arms.

Now its time for a few of my favorite things from the week:

- Farm fresh eggs.

IMG 5622

One of my co-workers has some chickens and sells me a dozen eggs a week.  Over the winter, the chickens weren’t producing as many eggs, so I didn’t get any.  I am so happy for their return.  

- What’s Up Moms YouTube Channel

Dan and I spent way too much time watching these videos last night.  I am hooked.

- 21 Mini Elsas Start in an Epic SuperCut of “Let it Go”  This put the biggest smile on my face

- The Fresh Market’s Cocoa Chili Spice Coffee

IMG 5660

I had a gift card to The Fresh Market burning a hole in my pocket, so I stopped by the other day.  I was a little shocked at the high prices, but have read so many things about their coffee, so I had to try some.  Verdict = love.

- Julie’s customizable no-bake granola bars.

IMG 5628

I used these for fuel during my long run yesterday, but they are also Dan and Ina approved!

That all I have!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. There is so much beauty in this post! Have a wonderful vacay!


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